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The proposal is that executives and leaders can participate in existing initiatives of our group – today there are 43 innovation initiatives in several segments and in several regions of the country – reducing the learning curve, reducing the cost and accelerating the innovation process of your company, because nothing replaces practical experience.

With that in mind, we thought about the creation of Discovery Innovation, which is the First Mile of FCJ’s corporate innovation program, allowing companies to have access to innovation with low investment. 


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Corporate Innovation

It’s the process of bringing companies closer to the innovation environment, with the objective of developing or improving their products and services, seeking to improve the company's financial results and longevity.

Design Sprint

Immersive, fast and intense process with the business units that ranges from pain mapping through ideation of opportunities, idea maturation and finally a prioritized list of initiatives focused on digital transformation.

Brand advertising

The sponsor will have their brand included in all VBs and CVBs marketing campaigns

Participation on Investor Day

Strategic members, appointed by the company, will participate in the pitch presentation of the selected startups. They will be able to participate in the evaluation bench and will be instructed to vote via Shareholders.

Early Adopter

The contractor may hire under special conditions as portfolio startups.

Community access

Free access will be available to all employees of the contractor.

Access to Startup Studio

Access to services with special prices practiced by the Holding and members of the FCJ network.

Access to Shareholders

Login and password to access the Shareholders platform to monitor the performance of the sponsored VB/CVB.

Perks Program

Access to benefits program items under the same conditions as the FCJ group.

Exclusive Events

Online quarterly events or at the sponsor's premises and no additional cost.

Match with startups

Knowledge of the services provided by the startups portfolio accompanied by the innovation agent.

Investment priority

You’ll have the same rights as VB/CVBs to invest in the startups in the portfolio.

50% off licensing

Se a contratante decidir ter sua própria CVB terá 50% de desconto no valor do setup, independente do projeto ter 20, 30 ou 40 startups.

Brand divulgation

Online quarterly events or at the sponsor's premises and no additional cost.

Discovery Innovation can be a complementary initiative, allowing for a rich exchange of experiences and access to a solid global ecosystem.
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