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What do we offer to a Startup

We select promising Startups that have good entrepreneurs, that generate socio-economic impact, that operate in relevant market segments

We became co-founders of Startups, providing intellectual, relational and financial capital through a very advantageous options contract for investors and shareholders.

We leverage our startups by adding a lot of value and governance, attracting investments and promoting liquidity events (exits).

Network of qualified Mentors with strategic performance. We privilege our shareholders-advisors and encourage them to actively participate in the growth of investees.

We are part of the National and International Innovation Ecosystem, generating business and investment opportunities at all stages of the Startup

We follow the journey of Startups until they reach the B/C investment series.


AWS logo
Amazon Web Services cloud provider

Benefit: $10k for use on all AWS proprietary solutions (valid for 2 years)

Zendesk logo
Customer service and support

Benefit: 6 months free of Zendesk for Startup

The checker logo
Email verification

Benefit: 5,000 credits for use on the platform

Creative Assets for Designers

Benefit: free access to the platform

Analytics integrator to generate complete reports

Benefit: free access to 100% of the platform features, training to integrate with social networks and Google Analytics

streamyard logo
Live video streaming tool

Benefit: Free shared access limited to up to 10 speakers per online stream.

oracle logo
For Startups

Benefits: The entire Oracle ecosystem

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